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Written By Afif Kurniawan Sinuhaji on Friday, May 11, 2012 | 8:34 PM

Techie Buzz is a popular blog which was started in July 2006. On Techie Buzz we share news and views about the latest technology. Techie Buzz is focused on making technology easier for the masses and we regularly write about tips and tricks and useful how to, mobile news, gadgets news and more. To learn more about us, please visit our About page.
Last Updated: 26th June, 2010

Why Advertise on Techie Buzz?

At Techie Buzz we have a team of focused individuals who know their job very well and write appealing and well-researched content.
This has lead Techie Buzz to achieve several honors including being ranked among the top 100 tech blogs in world by Technorati and the #135 Technology blog of the year 2009 by Post Rank. Wikio a blog aggregator ranks Techie Buzz as #125 in Technology section and #814 among all blogs. Techie Buzz is also regularly featured in Google News, TechMeme and other top Technology resources.
We also have a regular reader base of over 12000 for all our combined feeds. In addition to that, we have have a steady stream of visitors and are growing at a very healthy rate.
At Techie Buzz, you can reach out your product to the right technology, mobile and gadgets market.

Statistics For Techie Buzz

Techie Buzz is visited by over 2.5 million users every month. Based on the trends we expect this figure to grow up to 5 million page views per month by September 2010.
 Google Analytics June 2010
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Compete Rank #6,970 June 2010 Stats for Techie Buzz (link)
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Quantcast Stats for Techie Buzz (link)
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Where Do Our Users Come From?

Techie Buzz is visited by people from all across the world. However, most of our visitors come from United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Here is breakdown of popular countries.
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Techie Buzz Rankings and Details

  • Page Rank: 5
  • Compete Rank: 6,970
  • Quantcast Rank: 8,916
  • Alexa Rank: 7,334
  • Feed Subscribers: 12000+ combined
  • Facebook Fans: ~2000
  • Twitter Followers (@techiebuzzer): ~1300

Advertising on Techie Buzz

We offer several advertising options to advertisers that are both enticing and affordable. Please email us at to get a complete advertising and media kit for Techie Buzz.
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Facebook Adds File-sharing Feature for Groups

Facebook plans to bring in the file-sharing feature to all Facebook Groups as the company made and announcement that it will soon roll out the new file sharing feature to all Groups, enabling members to send and receive files to each other.
The new feature started to roll out yesterday to a small number of Facebook groups, and will eventually be rolled out to all Groups in the next few days, according to Kate Freeman of Mashable. As Freeman got in touch with Facebook, the company said that groups that don’t yet have the file sharing abilities will get it “soon,” perhaps in by next week.
Users can upload files up to 25 MB in size and make the uploaded files available to anyone inside a group, however, music and executable files are not allowed to be uploaded. E-books, comics, and video files are fine up to 25MB.
Facebook File-sharing for Groups
The restriction to 25MB is to eliminate users from uploading copyrighted video, and also not allowing them to upload music files is probably because the social networking giant seems to be trying to avoid being associated with any disreputable activity like piracy. It is also trying to keep hackers at bay by eliminating executable files from being uploaded.
Like its conventional feature where users can report problems, users can as well be able to report files as a way for the social network to try to prevent sharing of copyrighted or malicious files.
Earlier in April, Facebook launched Groups for Schools, and Facebook did mention about the file sharing feature then. The file sharing service is designed “to make it even easier to share lecture notes, sports schedules, or class assignments,” according to the announcement. Now it pretty much looks like all Groups are getting the feature.
Also Read: Why Facebook Groups is a Powerful Tool for Teachers
Facebook acquired the file-sharing service for around $10 million in October 2010, but that didn’t last for a long time. The company had to close down the site’s operations in December in the same year. On that note, Mashable speculates that Facebook will use’s services to add a conference calling service to groups, but before predicting anything further, its best that we wait and see on that one.
Image Credits: Mashable

Intel CEO Knocks Windows RT’s Legacy Limitations

While the general sentiment amongst most sane people is that the legacy desktop doesn’t belong in Windows RT, there is one man who unsurprisingly holds a different view. Intel CEO Paul Otellini thinks that the limitation of the legacy desktop — where non-sanctioned third-party apps are not allowed to run — is actually a vulnerability of the ARM platform:

    “With one button you can get to legacy mode…this is critically important for CIOs who want to preserve all of their investments in software,” he said, referring to “tens of millions” of programs built around Intel’s x86 design.

    “We have the advantage of the incumbency, advantage of the legacy support. Not just in terms of applications but devices.”

As you can see, he feels that the support of legacy applications that Intel-based x86 tablets can offer users far outweigh the limitations of ARM. I largely disagree. Obviously, tablet users don’t want the Classic Windows UI or applications; they want something that’s far more suited for touch. However, a part of me does think that Intel has a sales advantage.

Microsoft’s choice to retain the classic legacy desktop in ARM to begin with was a completely idiotic decision, and I’m going to only focus on one reason — reason #5219874, to be exact — as to why that is. Average consumers will be so confused when they find that they can’t download normal software on their ARM tablet. It looks just like their desktop OS, but why doesn’t it work? So, perhaps this problem could be avoided through educated and informative salespeople, right? Well, if they tell consumers that something “doesn’t work”, while it will on another tablet, it may sway some people towards purchasing an x86 tablet, even if it’s more expensive.

They’ll justify the cost just because they want everything to work. And the people who buy an ARM tablet uninformed will be rather pissed at Microsoft when they cannot download MSN games like Belle’s Beauty Boutique to their device.

News Your Technology- Has AT&T Enabled Visual Voicemail for non-LTE Windows Phones?

News Your Technology- Has AT&T Enabled Visual Voicemail for non-LTE Windows Phones?

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News Your Technology- nokia-lumia-900-cyan-front-and-back

News Your Technology- This afternoon, I noticed that my Nokia Lumia 800 prompted me for a voicemail password out of nowhere. Thinking that there was some connectivity glitch, I entered the password and guess what, it took me to a visual voicemail screen! I have not seen that screen on my Lumia before, and as I was made to understand, Visual Voicemail for Windows Phone was only available if you added a 4G LTE plan with AT&T.

News Your Technology AT&T Lumia 800 Visual Voice Mail Checking

News Your Technology- Before everyone gets excited, I should provide a few disclaimers: I am on my company’s corporate plan, so I don’t know what plan I am on. However, knowing that my plan is actually an “iPhone data” plan, I know it could not be a 4G LTE plan, since there is no such plan. The other thing is that the screen stays at “syncing voicemail” and does not actually show me my voicemails. At some point this afternoon, I did get a message that it was not able to connect and that I could call the traditional voicemail. I restarted the phone to see if this disappeared, and it has not, so I suppose this functionality may actually be rolling out slowly. I sure hope so.
News Your Technology- AT&T Lumia 800 Visual Voicemail Settings

News Your Technology- Could this be another move by Nokia (and AT&T) to further the Windows Phone cause? We have seen that Nokia has been able to get a few exclusives and are making quite a splash in bringing the Windows Phone platform on par with iOS and Android. Could this be another move in that plan?

News Your Technology- Lumia 800 About Screen

News Your Technology- I am unable to confirm if this is true with other non-Lumia or non-LTE devices. If anyone has a Windows Phone (Lumia or otherwise) and is with AT&T but *not* on a 4G LTE plan, let me know. Let’s hope things are changing at AT&T with regard to their love of Windows Phone.

Update: I never saw it on my AT&T Samsung Focus, but here’s a response I saw on twitter:
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